Being a data scientist is not all about writing codes and crunching numbers

There can hardly be any doubt that an affinity towards numbers and a knack for programming can be a great help for a data science professional. Your mastery of languages such as R or Python can provide you headway through the market. These skills are known to be important and so they are. Data science training mostly comprises of technical skills pertaining to data sampling, filtration, different analytical tools and statistical models. In recent years machine learning, and neural networks have also found an important seat in the data science curriculum. But that may not suffice.

Interestingly the companies around the globe are using merely 12% of the data that is accessible by them. Now, this shows that they could do better if they had more capable hands. The lack of competent data science professionals has not been increasing at an expected pace. May be this is happening because a very important part of the skill set is being underplayed.

The business end of things

The HR managers and recruiters everywhere opine that a person with analytics skills as well as a keen sense of the business acumen is the ideal choice for a data science team. Now, why is the business end of the thing so important? It is important simply because until and unless your work as a data science professional affects the return of investment positively, you are a potential failure. And in order to influence the business you need to understand it.

Understanding the machine – human relation

You may be performing machine learning to create algorithms and to make a robot talk but you must realize that your machine is more likely than not going to communicate with normal human beings with mundane problems and desires. You need to understand your consumers at a personal level in order to improve the services for them.

The visualization part

Data visualization is often ignored and it definitely should not be. Your work fails if your manager does not understand it. Your presentation of the data driven insights should be compelling enough so that it moves the executives into quick action. This is the best way to communicate with the rest of your company and you want to be good at it.

A hybrid skill set

Jobs are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary thanks to the startups. You may be a data management professional but that should not stop you from learning about machine learning or neural networks. You never know when and where automation hits. You need to be on your toes and nothing could help you more at that than best data science training. A combination of technical prowess, a knack for business and convincing soft skills will help you rule the job market.

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