Ayurvedic Remedies of Sinusitis

India, one of the most polluted country of the world. Here, every fourth person is suffering from disease caused by pollution. One of them is sinusitis, very common and vulnerable to all. Actually, there are some cavities (empty space) between the face bones. These spaces are known as Sinuses. The function of a sinus is to remove dirt particles, and other suspended particles from our nose. When you feel discomfort in your nose with headache and mild high temperature and pain, then you may be suffering from Sinusitis.

There are further more symptoms such as eye problems i.e. poor vision, swelling of nose, puffiness, redness in the eye, dark circles, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, fatigue etc.

Prevention is always better than curing. To safeguard our self, should be our first priority. To prevent sinusitis we should avoid smoking, Avoid ‘Kaff’ aggravating foods such as cold drinks, chill beer etc. Moreover, we should do proper hand wash and regular exercise and walking.

steams of holy basil

  • Take steams of holy basil (tulsi) leaves around 4 to 6 times daily. It is very effective in curing sinusitis. In case acute sinus pain, steam could get you much relief in pain. Also, yoga can come very handy in this disease. By performing ‘Kapaal Bhaati’ daily can help to drain out dust particles from sinus.
  • Hot water steaming – Add mint, eucalyptus leaves or oil, clove oil to the hot water and take its stream twice daily. It is very necessary to spit out secretion which will clean your inner throat also continuously have salt water gargle for the same.
  • Mainly avoid dairy products, such as milk, bread, tea, coffee, also cold drink, alcohol, white flour. A good healthy diet is permanent solution for this disease.
  • Onion and garlic should be the prime ingredient to your routine. Either chop some onions, boil it, to have its steam or have it orally. Ginger mixed with honey is also a good remedy to be considered.
  • Turmeric fumes are also capable of curing this disease, just have a small quantity of turmeric powder, put it on burning charcoal and inhale its fume.
  • Cinnamon paste is very useful in removing congestion. Just add two spoons of powder in boil water mix it and make paste, and then apply it on forehead and nose.

These are the few suggested treatment of sinusitis, which are very useful to cure this disease.

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