An Overview Of Vlsi Design Course In Bangalore

Have you heard of Very Large-Scale Integration? VLSI is commonly known as VLSI, which actually started out in the 1970s. Basically, VLSI is the process where Integrated Circuits are being made. What an electric circuit consists of? It mainly includes CPU, ROM, and RAM but with the help of the VLSI technology, the designers are able to add all of that to one single chip. Isn’t that cool enough?

The vlsi design course in bangalore offers the students to study more in detail about the VLSI technology. They have various courses in this field of electronics engineering. Also, since it is a professional course, it has the following courses from which one could opt for, which include:

  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in VLSI Design: this is a certificate diploma course in VLSI designing. It has been well structured and thus offers knowledge in the Design of Digital Systems and Hardware Description Languages which are essential for VLSI Design.
  • PG Diploma in VLSI Design: this is again a diploma course. VLSI is considered to be an important technology in the field of electronics which features various things like submicron manufacturing processes and operations of low voltage among the others.
  • E in VLSI Design: this is a post-graduate program. It gives a detailed study of subsystems that actually consist of the over system that is being carried out.
  • S in VLSI Design: this course is a master’s degree program which provides technical knowledge of the course based on various aspects of the entire system. This actually is beneficial to the students in undertaking and also gaining some great understanding of the functioning of the system.

What are the various VLSI Design steps involved?

Step 1: Specification of the problem

Step 2: Defining the architecture

Step 3: The functional design

Step 4: The logical design

Step 5: The circuit design

Step 6: The physical design

  • Partitioning of the circuit
  • Planning of the floor along with its placement
  • Routing
  • Compaction of the layout
  • Extraction and verification

Step 7: Packaging

The vlsi design training in bangalore has a lot to offer to their students. When you consider taking admission for it, make sure you check all the criteria involved in the course. You can also do some research about the course well in advance through the various online websites that will provide you with detailed knowledge about the same.

Over the years, we have seen an increase in the number of transistors and along with that we also see the power dissipation and the noise also on an increase. Also, on the front of fabrication they will soon be making their approach towards the optical limit of the photolithographic processes and beyond that, the size of the feature cannot be reduced and this is because of the decrease in the level of accuracy. When you consider the future of the VLSI, we do not know what it holds for all of us ahead as it keeps showing changes all the time.

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