A Look at GRE Preparation Tactics and Coaching Options

It is natural for one to become completely lost when one does not plan the approach to the GRE preparation. Though the study itself is easy, getting used to the extended exam period is one of the things that will bother most. Until today, you have not had to sit for exams that lasted this long. These long tests can fog the brain and make you clumsy in your effort toward the end of the session.

Develop Mental Strength First

To offset this fatigue, you have to practice sitting up for 4-6 hours every day. Do some practice tests so you get a feel for the real thing? You learn the things that are there in the syllabus that you are not so much knowledgeable about. GRE is tougher than SAT and ACT. The vocabulary and reading sessions are challenging. The math problems have trickier wording. So, you need a higher level of knowledge of both language and math.


The best way forward is to get the best GRE training from the institute in your locality that offers GRE coaching. The Analytical Writing tests your analytic writing and critical thinking skills. You must be able to speak and write about complex ideas and make your writing presentations clear and understandable. They will not check you for specific content knowledge. You have two tasks that you have to do separately.

The Analytical Writing Part

The first is the 30-minute task to analyse an issue. The second is the 30-minute task to analyse an argument. You must analyse the argument that you get according to the instructions they give you for that. Then, develop logical soundness in support of the viewpoint you portray or against it. Carrying this forward, you do the analysis of the issue where you get another person’s argument.


You must check it for soundness and take a stance for or against it. When you join a centre for GRE coaching, you get training to read and analyse the passages. You can also do this on your own by reading editorials and literary passages and making summaries of it. But, having someone to guide you in the initial phases will always help. Join a coaching centre with 15-20 years’ experience in teaching students for competitive exams. Pick the one at the top of the list and you remain assured of getting the best training for your GRE preparation.

The Verbal Reasoning Part

In the Verbal Reasoning part, you have to show your understanding of the passage given to you. You should understand the relationship between the component parts of the sentence. Then, synthesize information to check the information. For the first half, you will answer questions after reading passages. In the other half, you have to read and complete sentences according to proper grammar and sentence construction.

The Quantitative Reasoning is the toughest part. They check for basic mathematical skill and understanding of concepts of elementary mathematics. You must also be able to do quantitative reasoning and solve problems. You need good ability in Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry.

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