7 secrets to throwing a party on budget

Some people are partying fanatics, that means, they love throwing parties all around the year. They need no special occasion to throw the party and just want their friends to come over their place and have fun. Such people have become masters in throwing the party and can plan a brilliant party in very low budget.

Budget is the key deciding factor for the party. The number of guests, the kind of decorations, the venue, the food menu, everything is dependant on the budget, that is why it is important to always have a pre- fixed budget for the party. As for the party planners, here are 7 hacks that you can learn from the party planners to have the superb party in the budget.

Hit the party supply store

Decorations, furniture, crockery, there are so many items that you need to arrange before the party. It is a very important part of the party. But you do not need to buy all of them. Instead, you can rent the things possible, like furniture hire. This can help you cut out your expense, but also help you stay away from hoarding things that you would never be used again.

Have creative lighting

Huge chandeliers that can cost you a fortune are not the only way to light up the party. There are so many other creative ways in which you can light up the venue. For example, the copper lanterns. They are cheap and look beautiful as decoration.

Consider what people offer

Sometimes, after you send the invites people offer to be a part of the preparations. They want to help you arrange the caterers, or with the furniture hire or with the dessert. Party planning can be quite stressful, hence if someone offers their help, you must take it.

Think of low cost but fancy food items

A good way to check on your expense is to work out the menu properly. Sometimes people add a lot of fancy food to the menu. The thing is, such fancy food might look good, cost a lot and are not fulfilling. Instead, you should arrange food items that are affordable, look good and are most important, fulfilling.

Time it accordingly

Having a party right after the lunch time or the dinner time can cut you a lot of expense. People do not like eating too much after the dinner time, so all you have to do is arrange for some light snacks to run throughout the party.

Save on Alcohol

The kind of drinks you plan on serving at the party will hugely affect your budget. Serving only champagnes and wine can prove to be very expensive. But having other kinds of drinks served would not only increase the variety of drinks available at the party but also balance out the budget.

Work out the music

It might be a huge party or just a small gathering of close friends, music is what makes the party rocking. What kind of music you play depends on the party and the kind of gathering you are having. While live music can cost you a lot, so could a DJ, but a small music system can fit your budget and suit your gathering as well.

A super party does not mean a fancy party. It means a party where everyone, including the host has a lot of fun. If you go overboard with the planning and things do not work out as planned, you will be stressed throughout your own party and that can upset the guests as well. As a host, you have to be cheerful and that is possible when you work in an organized manner, stay in budget and get comfortable with the setting.

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