6 Reasons Why Card Access Doors Work Best

NEW CARD ACCESS DOORSChoices on home or office security systems nowadays are quite diverse. A modern but still relatively simple security measure is a card access door lock system.

The Encyclopedia of Security Management by John Fay states that a security system is “an integrated combination of barriers, technologies, personnel, and procedures designed to safeguard personnel, property, and operations.”

So here’s why card door locks are great choice for businesses.

  1. Ease of rekeying locks.

Demand for constant re-keying and the excessive administrative costs of reprogramming locks frequently paved the way for improved cards access door locks. These are similar to what is used in hotels. Companies maximized the electronic security systems to pre-program their locks with access control data and tracking. Programming and issuing a new user code can immediately address issues like loss of personnel cards, personnel changes, or (as in the case of hotels) when the occupancy changes.

  1. It’s wireless.

A wireless lock is a battery powered integral credential reader, lock releasing motor, memory chip, and a microprocessor for access decisions, either offline or upon command from the panel.

It contains a request-to-exit switch, door status monitor and communicates with a Panel Interface Module (PIM) hard-wired to the access control panel. The distance between a wireless lock and PIM can be as far away as 200 feet, and is not required to be within ‘line of sight.’ The locks communicate over a multi-channel frequency that will transmit through conventional building materials like cinder block, plasterboard, wood, and concrete.

Wireless access controls are not a new concept. However, security consultants and systems integrators have traditionally stayed with hard-wired systems, and the emergence of computer communications and addressable components has significantly simplified network applications, even if it still requires multi-conductor or fiber optic cables to link components together.

  1. Economical.

One significant advantage with a card access door lock system apart from efficiency and reliability is also cost. It’s less costly than the conventional key-accessed door locks, as the credit card sized keys, for example, are reusable and can be easily re-programmed as needed.

  1. Improve Security.

Electronic locking systems offer additional features such as blocking, one-time access, backed-up access to designated guestrooms that have battery-powered automatic door locks when there is a power failure and more importantly acts as an interrogator by recording details of recent lock openings. In some systems, a single piece of equipment functions as both the programmer and interrogator.

  1. Detect Intrusion.

Card door lock systems can be programmed to identify and report an event or stimulus within its detection area. The control unit will receive the alarm notification from the sensor and then activates a silent alarm or annunciator. Technology nowadays even allows direct notification via cellphones.

  1. Key Control.

A good key control will facilitate an efficient accountability system, without it the locks are useless and losses may occur. But with a card access system, the record-keeping program can be put in place. Security and Loss Prevention author Philip Purpura recommends periodic key audits to reinforce control and hinder duplication. Lock changes are wise every eight months and sometimes at shorter intervals on an irregular basis.

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