6 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a couple of months away and it’s the perfect time to start planning gifts. Store-bought items are undoubtedly a great choice but if a personal touch is what’s desired, DIY ones are it. Readymade things can be given a DIY spin too. Here are a few ideas to try.

  1. Candles: They’re surprisingly easy to make and knowing that they’re handcrafted will make them so much more meaningful. Dig up old coffee mugs or teacups. Melt candle wax, add a little perfume oil and color and fill it three-fourths of the way. Wait for it to cool, pop it into a box, and tie a ribbon. Simple and chic!
  2. Stamped napkins: Thinking of sending mothers day gifts to Kolkata? Stamped napkins are both cute and practical. Get a couple of novelty stamp pads and ink that are readily available at any arts and craft store. Purchase a set of white napkins as well. Coat the pad with ink, stamp each of the napkins at the corners and it’s done!
  3. Ready-to-make drink: This is a wonderful gift to give cappuccino moms as it’s useful and saves time. Get together ingredients like coffee granules, sugar, creamer, and cinnamon. Measure them out to equal 8 or 10 cups of cappuccino. Mix them together and pour them into a glass jar. Cap it and pen a note directing mom to use the required amount with three-quarters of a cup of water.
  4. Wreath: It doesn’t have to be Christmas to use a wreath. This pretty decorative item can be hung in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom at any time of the year. Get a wreath base that’s covered with grapevine or foam. Take dried flowers and use a glue gun to stick them on the base. Take a length of white ribbon, tie it into a bow, and attach it to the top of the wreath for the finishing touch.
  5. Painted mug: Gifts to Kolkata can include a thoughtfully designed tea or coffee mug that every mom would be eager to use. Get some acrylic enamel paint that can be cured and create a design on a clean, light-colored mug. Let the paint set for a day, pop the mug into the oven, and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour. Let the mug gradually cool in the oven and remove it.
  6. Journal: If mom likes noting her thoughts down, she’d love a journal wrapped in velvet paper and trimmed with lace. It’s easy to do and the result looks a lot more high-end. Take a hardback notebook and cover it with colored velvet paper. Then, take a length of lace and paste it along the bottom. Write a few lines of a heartfelt message on the first page and that’s it!

This year make mothers day gifts giving even more special with these ideas. They’re thoughtful, sweet, and show her she’s appreciated. She’ll love knowing they were crafted with so much care and will treasure them for years to come.

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