5 Useful Facts You Must Know About Car Rentals

Right from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills and from Hollywood to the Downtown of Los Angeles, rental cars have become hugely popular. Whether it is convenience, maintaining your status symbol or simply grabbing attention on the road, luxury cars for rent are quite in demand.

There are plenty of car rental companies which offer exotic fleets like Ferrari, BMW or Lamborghini Huracan for rent in Beverly Hills or other parts of Los Angeles. So, if you too need to hire a luxury car in Los Angeles, you can pick one according to your requirements. But before that, it may help you to know certain useful facts about car rentals, as have been listed below. Take a look.

  1. Check if your Personal Car Insurance Covers the Rental

Before accepting the insurance coverage offered by your car rental agency, make sure you check your personal primary auto insurance to know if it already covers your rental vehicle too. Policies tend to differ but if you have a full insurance on your private automobile, you are most likely to be covered for your rental car as well. And in most cases, they also include vehicles which are of more worth than your private car. But it is still wiser to confirm the coverage first before making any assumptions.

  1. Be Careful during the Acceptance Inspection

You must always pay attention during the acceptance inspection of your rented car. Check any sort of dents, scratches, loose parts, or scuffs because otherwise, the company could charge you money for damages you did not cause. And since most past customers try to escape the blame, it becomes easier to accuse the recent users, if they have not been careful during the initial inspection.

  1. Check the Travel Restrictions

Most car rental agencies in the United States will not allow you to drive across international borders in a rented vehicle. So, it is vital that you check with your car rental agency and insurance company in order to know their travel restrictions. This is crucial because in the worst case scenario, you can find yourself at the wrong side of the law if found driving an unauthorized rental in another country.

  1. Avoid Undulated Roads

When you go through the rental car agreements, you will notice that most companies will not permit you to drive the car on undulated and unpaved roads. And even if you buy a collision damage waiver or get extra coverage through your insurance company, this policy would stand null and void since this would be considered a violation of your contract with the car rental company. So, it is better that if you at all have to go by an uneven road, you must discuss it with the company from beforehand and avoid any unnecessary complication.

  1. Keep an Eye on Potential Upgrades

If you are already an existing client of such car rental companies, you might be happy with your deal but you must also keep an eye on potential upgrades offered by your agency. Sometimes, companies undergo a high volume and run low on inventory for cars priced at lower rates. In such scenarios, it often happens that the company offers free upgrades to consumers in order to boost their customer satisfaction and inventory management. And there are high chances that you will get a premium quality car at minimal or no added cost.

So, it is extremely important that you collect all the essential facts about car rentals before booking an exotic car like Audi or Rolls Royce Wraith for rent in Beverly Hills or any other part of Los Angeles for that matter. Have a safe and happy ride!

Author Bio: Eric Burton, having written many blogs on luxury cars like Lamborghini Huracan for rent Beverly Hills, writes some useful facts on car rentals. He insists checking on these before hiring an Audi or Rolls Royce Wraith for rent Beverly Hills.

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