4 Reasons You Should Learn Big Data Analytics This Year

It is already pretty old news that the world has produced way more data in the last five years than since the discovery of fire. Yes, so we really a have a lot of data around; so? What does it really mean and more importantly why should it concern us? Well, firstly we, as part of the global population are responsible for creating these large amounts of data and secondly data about someone means an upper hand on that person. Remember the James Bond movies, how informants become so crucial? That is because information is power. Data lets you understand, control, manipulate. But these are not the reasons why you should pursue a big data certification in Bangalore. Those are as follow

  1. Your chance for a healthier career

While we all seem to be concerned about the pay scale and the facilities that come alongside a job, what we do not think much about is satisfaction. In any job a sense that you are contributing is most important. The opposite of this feeling is alienation. As a big data analyst you know the goal to which you are contributing and most of the professionals working as data analysts have confirmed that they are quite satisfied with their role. Apart from satisfaction security is also a major issue – let the world say what it wants to but remember that we are heading towards a disruptive time. Big data experts are among the few who are looking at an even brighter future as AI is taking over.

  1. Better prospects of improvement

You cannot really stay put at a place as a big data professional, you got to keep moving with the demands of the industry. Once you decide to settle with one technology you risk having a heart break when it goes obsolete. Keep studying the market, know what is coming and be prepared. You never know when and how your value as an employee increases exponentially. And this happens a lot these days.

  1. A Gateway into AI

Who does not want to be in the AI industry? Remember how any cognitive model works? With the help of big data; you as a big data expert would know a lot about data management and manipulation. You would know how to mine, sort and process data. You are a couple of steps behind the coolest field at the moment.

  1. The market is hot for you

Big data analysts earn a better salary than the average IT professional and by better I mean almost 30% more. But that is not news. India is currently at the third in implementing AI and analytics just after China and USA. The demand for big data experts is going through the roof. Enter any popular job portal and see for yourself. Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai are full of opportunities for young analytics enthusiasts. The theory that analytics jobs are only for the experienced candidates has also gone obsolete as you can see a lot of companies actually taking in fresh candidates. So, get your big data certification in Bangalore and get ready to ride the tide.

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