4 phenomenal ways for Telemarketers to secure best Sales Results

From the business’s perception, the two major things that matter most are — strong customer base and high sales of products. Here, the significance of business process outsourcing companies gets increased because they can provide quality support service for the bolstered customer base and increase the sales graph by rendering astounding telemarketing services.

As far as telemarketing is concerned, it is paramount to impress potential customers during the interaction. For the same reason, telemarketers get top-notch training from outbound call centers.

Regardless of getting an appropriate training, telesales agents sometimes fail to bring the desired results to the table. As a result, the business’s credibility gets doubted.

Of course, we aren’t trying to convey a message that telemarketers don’t do their job seriously. The primary reason behind why they fail to lift the sales conversion rate is some hidden blunders that they have been committing unknowingly for many years.

Have a look at the following 4 ways that will tell how telemarketers can secure the best sales results in no time:

1.    Request prospects for the time

Do you know why telemarketers fail to get the desired results?

Well, the main reason behind that is most of the people ignore those calls that come from an unknown number during the business hours (9 am to 6 pm). Because of poor contact rate, telemarketing services of business process outsourcing companies don’t look much effective.

Apart from poor answer rate, there is one other factor that drives telemarketers up the wall, and that is getting undesirable results even after making a successful contact with potential customers.

Are you wondering why telesales agents fail to convince prospects after making a successful contact? Here are 3 most cited reasons that will clear your doubts regarding the same:

  • High speech rate.
  • Highly dependent on telemarketing scripts.
  • Not including potential customers into the conversation.

Therefore, it is paramount for telemarketers to request prospects for a time at the beginning of a dialogue. Consequently, this will increase the chances that potential customers stay on the call for a long time span, and this could lead to better sales results.

2.    Create a short list of benefits

After being requested for time, potential customers often agree to listen about products or services, at that point of time, it is imperative for telemarketers to make most out of the opportunity. For this, only those benefits (related to products or services) should be explained that could really grab the prospects’ attention.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to create a short list of product or service related benefits. Are you thinking that why it is so? This is so because whenever telemarketers explain every single advantage of products or services, the duration of call gets increased. Thereby, the probability of call hang-ups gets amplified.

Apart from that, prospects may get confused if so many plus points get explained to them. As a negative consequence, potential customers may start asking so many questions, which, in turn, could create unnecessary issues for telesales agents.

In short, the list of benefits should be kept short in order to ensure a meaningful dialogue.

3.    Offer testimonials

In the telemarketing world, it is believed that you will get the desired results as long as you’re playing your cards right. This fact is vital to get attention because every small mistake makes a big negative impact on the sales conversion rate.

Oftentimes, it is very hard for potential customers to trust telemarketers because the latter explain only the benefits of products or services. Because of this, prospects don’t make a purchase decision. Here, only one idea that could work is ‘Sending testimonial links to potential customers’ registered number.’

Testimonials show the experience of those customers who have had already bought the advertised products. After going through testimonials, prospects may make a quick purchase decision, which as a result, could lift the sales conversion rate.

4.    Be honest

To render stupendous telemarketing services, business process outsourcing companies instruct telemarketers to convince a myriad of prospects. However, telesales agents understand this instruction in a wrong way and start making false promises to prospects during the conversation.

Because of making false promises, the number of negative reviews gets increased, which tears the business’s reputation apart.

Therefore, it is advisable for telemarketers to never make false promises because these will not help to get the desired sales results. But giving honest replies to potential customers could help the business because honesty always gets rewarded.

Final thoughts:

There is no doubt that telemarketing is a cost-effective strategy that could unlock numerous revenue generating opportunities for the business. In addition, telemarketers aren’t in need to do something extraordinary as sticking to the basics is enough to convince prospects to buy.

With the help of this blog, we have told some simple tips that would help telemarketers to do the basics right during the interaction with prospects.

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