Gulmarg is one of the prime hill stations of Kashmir, and if you travel to Kashmir without heading out to Gulmarg you have no idea what you’re losing out on. Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful hill stations, primarily for its glaciers and ice caps, and frozen lake.

But this was all about the beauty of the place. I’m here to talk about the activities at Gulmarg. Little to people know, that as beautiful it is, it has a truckload of adventure activities in store for its visitors. And here are some of them summarized for you.

  1. Skiing

Well who doesn’t like the idea of skiing? It is a total badass sport. Skiing down the hills of Gulmarg, the only thing a person thinks is that, I’m Xander Cage, and I’m awesome. Skiing and snowboarding downhill through the snow and trees, with a magical view around you is just an amazing thing to be doing, but frankly who gives a shit about the view? You’re skiing..!

  1. Cable Car

As the Kashmiri’s call it the Gandola, is a cable car going uphill in Gulmarg, and it has the most majestic aerial view of the hills of Gulmarg, which is going to leave you awestruck that something as beautiful and scary at the same time, even exists.

  1. Alpather Lake

At the foot of Aphwrawat Hill, the Alpathar Lake lays there chilling. You want to be able to see another thing that is extremely cool, but at the same time really scary (for those who fear water bodies, like me), you got to hit this place.

  1. Golf Course

Imagine what it would feel like. Playing golf in the middle of the hills. My father, being a great big fan of golf, has taken me to all these places in India, and I know how breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful it is out there, even if you’re not playing and you’re just chilling.

Well here were 4 things that you must do. Don’t be mistaken this is just about Gulmarg, and it’s still not everything, just the major things. Theres a lot more that Gulmarg, and Kashmir have to offer, and for that, if you’re looking for good Kashmir Holiday Packages, here you have it.

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