4 Incredible Gifting Ideas for this Diwali

Diwali is one of the most famous and cherished festival that is celebrated all across in India. Diwali is almost around the corner. People irrespective of any caste or creed celebrate thus festival with a great enthusiasm. Grown-ups and kids both get equally excited. From new dresses, gifts, bright lights, flowers, sweets, cakes to chanting of mantras everything sums up excitement in the air. It’s not only the dresses and gifts that give us happiness, but it’s actually also the sense of belonging, the attachment that we all feel for each other during these festivals.

People who are living outside India show their love and affection for their loved ones during this festival in India. They send Diwali gifts to India online in the form of cakes and flowers.One can order cake online in jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai and various other places. Thus, individuals staying far from their near ones can express their affection to their loved ones by sending cakes this Diwali.

Delicious Cakes

Cakes and sweets form an important part of the Diwali festival. Thus, cakes are one of those worthy gifts. Be it chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, strawberry cakes, black forest cakes, butter-scotch cakes or pineapple cakes, etc., these form the diverse categories of cakes that can be sent as gifts. People send Diwali gifts in the form of delicious and beautifully decorated cakes of different flavours. These cakes are always fresh and ready to serve and eat. Designer cakes add a splash of colour and variety of flavour to the festival and are an accustomed part of this celebration to individuals’ diverse cultures, ages, and walks of life. Indians living abroad send Diwali gifts to India in the form of nicely designed, fresh and delicious cakes to their dear ones in India.

Fruit Baskets

With all those sweets and rich delicacies during Diwali, a fruit basket is best for a detox after the festive season. You can go for an elaborate fruit basket which has a mix of erotic and seasonal fruits. Festive and colourful, this gift suits the occasion perfectly. Fruits like oranges, apples, kiwis, dragon fruit and more can be included in this basket. You can make personalized basket or get it done by any local fruit vendor or find one in a supermarket.

Healthy Gifts

Another gift that any health-conscious person is sure to love is a basket of healthy treats. You can include different things in it like dry fruits, nuts, organic foods, cereals, gluten-free items, low-calorie desserts, etc. This will not just look appealing but also make for a great gift for someone who is health conscious.

Handmade Gifts

Ready-made gifts surely attract people but handmade gifts carry different emotions. This Diwali opt for handmade gifts like decorating small glass jars with glitters, gels, paints and sequins. Make a beauty gift hampers choosing products that include face creams, shampoos, aftershave, etc. – great collection for a person who likes grooming themselves.

These gift ideas will bring more appreciation wherever they go and whomever you plan on gifting.

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