4 effective tips that Telemarketers should be remembering

Telemarketing, a traditional technique, always gets preference from business owners because it can improve sales growth without any huge investment of money. With time, however, getting desired results via telemarketing has become an arduous task. But for the business growth, telemarketing is important. Here, the need for specialised service providers like telemarketing companies UK arises.

Telemarketing service providers such as outbound call centres, BPO firms, etc. always help their clients by improving the sales of products/services. But sometimes telemarketers commit some mistakes while having a word with potential customers, which consequently, affects the sales conversion rate in a very bad manner.

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Today, we are going to share some tips that telemarketers should remember for better productivity. So, let’s get going:

1.    Keep your speech rate in the control

In the telemarketing world, desired results can only be secured by having an effective conversation with prospects. It is so because meaningful dialogue often results in successful sales. And reputed telemarketing companies UK also tell the same to their telemarketers during training sessions.

Regardless of getting quality training, sometimes telemarketers fail to achieve desired results. The major reason behind that is high speech rate. This factor can’t be taken lightly because whenever telemarketers speak swiftly during the interaction with potential customers, this leaves a negative impression on the latter. Why? High speech rate often makes telemarketers look unprofessional and nervous, which consequently, leads to an ineffective conversation.

Generally, telemarketers increase the speech rate in order to amplify their dialling rate. But it is important for them to understand that their main target is convincing prospects to buy not making maximum calls in a day. All in all, telemarketers should control their speech rate while having a word with prospects.

2.    Remember negative responses are inevitable

Usually, businesses avail services from telemarketing companies UK so that sales growth can be improved ASAP. The latter also understands this, therefore, telemarketers are told to do the best while conversing with potential customers. For telemarketers, however, the bitter pill to swallow is that desired results can’t be achieved every time, no matter how hard you try to persuade prospects.

Sometimes, telemarketers fail to handle negative responses, owing to this, they get indulged in an argument with potential customers. This results in utter wastage of resources and time. In addition, it turns the whole day into a bad one for telemarketers as you can’t converse in an effective manner with off mood.

Hence, it is highly advisable for telemarketers to never take negative responses personally.

3.    Practice is the key


“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

—Vince Lombardi

To succeed in any work, practice is important. The same thing applies to telemarketers when it comes to using scripts. Telemarketing companies UK generally provide scripts so that conversation with potential customers can go smoothly. However, when telemarketers use scripts without any proper caution, they sound impersonal to potential customers during the call, which as a negative consequence, leads to call hang-ups.

The major reason behind call hang-ups is that prospects often don’t appreciate telesales agents’ impersonal behaviour. Thus, it is prominent for telemarketers to practice scripts during the leisure time as that’s the best way to improve the sales conversion rate.

Here, we would also like to suggest the owners of telemarketing companies make telemarketers understand the negative consequences of scripts during the training sessions.

4.    Obey the Law

As we told that, telemarketers habitually strive to make maximum calls in a day so that performance targets could be achieved by the end of the day. Because of this approach, they sometimes breach TCPA policies, which, in turn, results in legal issues.

According to TCPA policies, those people can’t be contacted who don’t want to respond to telemarketing calls. And whenever TCPA policies get violated, legal issues are bound to happen. This can bring productivity levels down.

Therefore, it is significant for telemarketers to understand that trying for better dialling rate is a good approach, but it doesn’t mean that laws can be taken for granted. In addition, if telemarketers do their work while obeying the law, they are more likely to secure better results.

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