3 ways to change your SEO game!

The algorithms of Google keep changing and several companies have not realized what they need to do with their SEO strategies. Other than using back links, guest blogging, updating content, pay per click advertising India and putting up well-clicked pictures on your homepage, there are 3 things you must do additionally. They will take your page rankings higher and higher.

1. Social media is a must – If you aren’t using social media to promote your brand, you are lacking big time. You don’t even know the power of social media these days can make or break someone’s career. With the help of platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other social networking sites, you can increase your popularity. You can make pages on all the apps, use promoted ads services and turn to famous accounts for promotions. Create the most attractive ads and pictures which will automatically bring a ton of followers to your page.

2. Responsive new website is a winner – Most people use their mobile phones and tablets to surf websites these days and this is why you need to have a portal that is responsive. With a newer design after a few years, you need to make sure it is compatible with every device. According to Google, there are more than 80% of the population using their phone to look up sites and information. They also use their phone to buy things online which means, you need to work on your site and make it compatible on every device.

Other than this, you should switch up the interface of your site every now and then to give the customers something fresh. People love seeing new colours, unique styles and when a site has a different attire.

3. Keep minimal focus on the anchor text – Nowadays, the rule of Google has changed. Earlier the search engine used to rank sites on the amount of quality backlinks that are generated from the keywords but these days, the more engagement you have on your site and fewer mistakes, you have good chances of coming in the top ranks. Be original, informative and keep your website absolutely clean from external links or too much fluff. You need not use any fancy words or extreme content to make yourself noticeable, just keep it original. Spam content is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! Avoid focusing on anchor text or too many keywords, work on your copy and generate write ups that are interesting to read.

Other than all this, hire a PPC management company India to work on effective ads throughout your social media pages. Since SEO will always remain an integral part of promoting a site and increasing traffic with sales, you need to change your system of using it. Just focus on these three essentials and you will see the major change your business goes through. You will see a boost in sales, more audience interaction on your pages and newer clients from across the globe.

Switch your SEO game today!

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