3 “Flurys Favourites” You Cannot Miss If you are in Kolkata

The one word that has unanimously, often stereotypically, but quite flamboyantly defined us, Calcuttans, is ‘Mishti’, which means ‘sweet’ in Bengali, the largely spoken language in Kolkata. However, more than the sweetness that often outsiders tend to find in our characters and spirit, it is the fondness for sweets and desserts that quite justify the aforementioned definition. The ‘City of Joy’ finds its unabashed, unequivocal, and definitely an unforgettable mirth and joy in their sweet-tooth. Be it the rosogolla or the rum ball, Kolkata has always been the one to redefine the last course of every meal. And Flurys, the legendary cake shop and confectionery in Kolkata, redefines your sweet-tooth experience every time you pay a visit.

Flurys, truly one of the best bakeries in Kolkata, reserves a very special place in the hearts of every Calcuttan, for both the sweetening indulgences as well as the yearning nostalgia that this place evokes. Right from 1927 to the present, there has been an insurgence of confectionaries and cake shops in Kolkata but the decadent pastries, puddings, the delectable cakes, the flavours and textures one finds at Flurys is a league apart. Unique in both its appearance and taste, Flurys offers some irresistible yummies that you certainly cannot afford to miss.

Here is a list of some of the most lip-smacking delicacies that you have to try if you are in Flurys.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Whether it is a grand birthday party in a posh neighbourhood of Kolkata from a doting father to his darling daughter or a simple farewell party in a dingy North Kolkata lane where a group of friends is bidding adieu to each other before moving to a new city, there is no celebration, no new start, and no emotional journey which is complete without the Flurys. Amongst the myriad variety of mouth-watering cakes offered by Flurys, the Chocolate Truffle Cake is the most popular. With a dense yet moist chocolate layer, a silky truffle frosting, and the crispy chocolate flakes, this cake can even make the non-chocoholics fall in love with it. The people who have had the blessed fortune to dig into this rich chocolate fantasy define it as an absolute chocolaty heaven that they never want to come out of.

Rum Balls

Rum Balls resonate with Christmas memories for every “Flurys fanatic” in Kolkata. Walking down the rejoicing roads of Park Street, eyes glistening up at the dazzling show of lights, and taking a sinful bite into the dark, rich, bitter-sweet Rum Balls, is what Christmas is all about to many Calcuttans, even today. Rum Balls are basically a popular Christmas treat in England, Canada, the United States of America, the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, New Zealand, etc, and are feasted upon all the year round. But it is Flurys that brought this exotic delicacy to Kolkata, adding the ‘joy’ in this ‘City of Joy’.

Cube Pastries

Right from the romantic first date that you recall with so much fondness today to the irrepressible craving you had for something sweet just after that alleged breakup, the cube Pastries from Flurys have become an undeniable part of many lives today. They are not merely a dainty, soft, and sweet guilty pleasure, indulged at anytime, anywhere but they are also a cube of caress and comfort, with a quality to cheer you up at difficult times. They once again prove the fact that Flurys is the reminiscence, the musing of the heart, and a soulful memory that just refuses to get blurred in your mind.  And now this iconic nostalgia has spread across the digital world too. Flurys takes pride in being one of the largest confectioneries to be offering online pastries in Kolkata.

So, the next time you pay a visit to this legendary dessert-stop in Kolkata, make sure you don’t miss out on these tantalizing indulgences, at any cost.

Author Bio: Akanksha Roy, a food blogger in Kolkata, here writes on the 3 “Flurys Favourites” that one cannot miss in Flurys, the best cake shop in Kolkata. She also informs us that now one can order their favourite online pastries in Kolkata from www.flurys.com.

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