3 Customer Survey Mistakes that BPO Companies Should Stop Committing

‘‘We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.’’

                                                    -Bill Gates

In order to live up to the expectations of customers, it is paramount to know their opinion about the services and products. That’s why it is imperative to send surveys so that customers can give their valuable feedback.

Most of the organisations opt for the services of BPO companies because the latter have all the resources that are required to make customers happy. To keep improving the quality of support service, BPO firms send surveys after every customer interaction.

But sometimes BPO firms face the hassle of poor survey results because of those mistakes that they have been committing unknowingly.

Today, we are going to talk about the top 3 customer survey mistakes that BPO firms should stop committing for the sake of business’s productivity. So, have a look at the following pointers:

  • Poor timing

Poor timing is the most cited customer survey mistake that prevents better results. This fact can’t be taken for granted because customers never respond to those surveys that are sent after 4-5 hours of interaction. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that survey results depend on timing.

Apart from that, it is vital for BPO companies to send surveys on customer’s email address. It is so because industry reports revealed that around 55% of customers don’t prefer to give feedback on voice or social media channel.

However, customers often respond to those surveys that they got via an email because they check unread messages during the free time.

Furthermore, it is crucial to note that surveys shouldn’t be sent too frequently as this can make customers irked, which, in turns, leads to the negative brand image.

  • Including so many open-ended questions

Another customer survey mistake that BPO firms mostly commit is adding so many open-ended questions. This mistake cannot be overlooked because it always prevents the better survey results.

Whenever customers think about the surveys, yes-no questions come to the mind. In addition, customers deem answering open-ended questions as the wastage of time.

From the business’s point of view, we do understand that open-ended questions help in knowing the customer expectations. So, it is recommended to add only those questions that are really important for the business.

Superfluous questions should be removed because short surveys always bring better results.

  • Lack of incentive

To improve the quality of support service, it is paramount to ensure that maximum customers participate in surveys. Owing to this, it is significant for the BPO companies of Australia, UK, etc. to let customers know how the latter’s feedback will be used.

In addition, if customers don’t know the importance of surveys, they are less likely to participate. This isn’t good for a business’s overall health.

During the interaction, it is crucial for support agents to encourage customers to give feedback. To make customers complete the surveys, BPO firms should offer attractive incentives such as loyalty points, discount coupons, etc.

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