10 Crucial ASO Steps to Increase Your App Ranking and Download

You have uploaded your app on the app store, and it is live now.  You have faith in your app’s added value and waiting for users to discover it.  However, there can be one problem, that your app is invisible. It is possible, that your app gets lost amongst the other apps, which are stealing users away from your app.

Presently, competition is high because there are millions of apps available in the app store.  The fact is, over 65% of apps search happens on app stores. Actually, it is the first place where users go to download the app.  It is very important to have a proper app store optimization to ensure user engagement.

A precise app store optimization is very important for your app to be successful. ASO of your app is c crucial part of mobile app development process, and ASO includes several steps. Here are some steps that you must consider to improve the ASO of your app.

  1. Consider Your Audience

Thinking about your customers is the very first step you should consider. Consumer research is important because it helps youidentify keywords. You must understand the following:

  • What language users use while searching for your app
  • Keywords your competitors utilize
  • Reason for downloading your app

The market research is very important to identify the targeted audience. So, do a complete market research and consider your audience.

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a similar process like SEO. Use of precise keyword is very important and that is why you need to do a profound research of keywords. Your page content must have relevant terms to invite the users to the app. For keyword research, you can use designated tools.  You will have to maintain the right balance between difficulties and traffic. Moreover, you must consider that organic traffic to your page is the result of Appstore search so, try to augment it.

  1. PickAn Expressive App Name

A keyword rich and unique app names are best app names. The character length given for the title in the app store is up to 255 characters (space included). Though, lengthier titles are shortened on search result page. You must know, that keyword visibility steers up downloads so try to place keywords in the specified range.

  1. Write an Attractive App Description

Your app description should be attractive even with the keywords. The description is a call to action for users, that’s why the first line of description is very important. Your app description language should be evocative and able to seize the user attention. You should ensure following parameters while writing app description.

  • Elaborate what your app does
  • Enlist the benefits of the app
  • Bind the reader to your content to augment the downloading
  • By describing app benefits, prove shoppers that your app gives a solution
  1. Pick a standout Logo

Your app icon should be iconic. Your app logo should be attractive and able to give users sense of what the app is all about. You should consider, that when the users scroll, your app icon is the first thing they notice. So, make it attractive and unique.

  1. Add Screenshots

It is a belief, that screenshots are a feature list, which is inefficient and wrong.  You should avoid simple in-app shots because they are not brilliant to start with. You can add 8 screenshots for Android apps and 5 for iOS apps in the app store. If your brand is new then you must pay more attention to this because it can give the opportunity to shine.

  1. Video Trailers

The video trailer can increase the download rate of your app, that’s why it should be informative and entertaining. As your trailer gives users an idea of what your app does, your trailer should be creative.

  1. Pick the precise Category

Your app should be placed in the proper category in the app store. It is helpful for users who browse apps by category, and it is good for ranking also. It can be possible, that your app fits in more than one category, then you must pick a less competitive category that best describes your app.

  1. Reviews and Ranking

When users stop by your app page, they carefully scrutinize the reviews and ranking. You should highlight positive reviews and must reply to negative ones. You must consider that users expect answers as quick as possible. So, if there are myriad of reviews then assign a member to reply.

  1. Preform Analytics

Analytics is important. You can measure user engagement, see the result of marketing campaign, and more. There are many app analytics tools which show the statistics of apps such as how many users are using your app. To comprehend how metadata can impact download use different keywords, change description and content, and check the results.

If you want to have a fruitful app with lots of download and visibility, you must pay attention to your app’s app store optimization. It is true that Google and Apple do not share their method for establishing app rank. So, in this situation we rely on proper ASO for app. We at Fifium, provide iOS and Android mobile apps for business all across the globe. We are a top application development company in UK. It is our belief, that a continual and precise ASO can augment the downloading of your app. If you want a successful mobile app, we can help you with our team of deft and knowledgeable mobile app developers.

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